Performance Analysis of Sport      

  • Notational Analysis
  • Biomechanics
  • Motor Control

Welcome to Data2Win

In competitive sport, accurate and reliable feedback of athlete or team performance is a vital element of coaching. Objective measurement tools, scientific approaches and data interpretation enable valuable feedback.

The complex function of performance analysis involves technical and tactical evaluation of an episode using motion analysis techniques, performance modelling and profiling. Performance data is then derived for analysis, and together with pedagogic application critical knowledge is created that informs and supports the training process.

Data2Win Ltd has unrivalled expertise, knowledge and experience in all types of competitive sport. We offer Performance Analysis services to Sports Clubs, Sports Associations, Coaching Organisations, Sports Professionals and Academic Institutions, worldwide. We also provide consultancy services to athletes, trainers, sport managers, sport journalists, P.E. teachers and others engaged in sports.

We offer:

  • Performance analysis and interpretation of data (match, player)
  • Advice on coaching and training techniques
  • Provision of performance analysis software and training
  • Development of educational modules
  • Delivery of seminars, presentations and workshops
  • Public speaking

Our visionis to make Sport Performance Analysis a recognized Worldwide scientific discipline and to popularize the practical use of sport software and video analysis among sport professionals. To realise this, our company is open to any type of cooperation or collaboration in this field.

Data2Win Ltd is founded by Professor Mike Hughes, PhD and Dr Henriette Dancs.