Academic Partners

Data2Win has access to a vast network of academic partners from across Europe, Asia and Australasia. They are well respected experts in their chosen sport and can offer Performance Analysis consultancy and scientific programmes in the following team sports: Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Squash and Handball.

Our ambition is to create a worldwide Data2Win Scientific Network offering advisory services, programme development, workshops and seminars to organisations across the globe. 

  • Dr Susanne Kneffel (Hungary - Slowakia - Romania)
  • Dr Goran Sporis (Croatia - Serbia - Montenegro - Bosnia - Macedonia)
  • Dr Goran Vuckovic (Slowenia - Serbia - Montenegro - Bosnia - Montenegro)
  • Dr Boris Bazanov (Estonia - Latvia - Lettland - Russia)
  • Gaetano Raiola (Italy)
  • Jose Chinchilla (Spain)
  • Austin Fuller (UK)
  • Andreas Haller (Austria)
  • Dr Tengku Fadilah (Malaysia - Indonesia - Philippines - S Korea - Japan)