Routledge Books

Data2Win partners have also published the following books through Routledge. You can order these books from:-

Hughes, M.D. and Franks, I.M. (2008). Essentials of Performance Analysis. London: Routledge. ISBN: 978-0-415-42380-9

Jones, R., Kingston, K. and Hughes, M. (eds.) (2007). Notational Analysis and Coaching: An Introduction to Coaching. London: Routledge.

Hughes, M.D. and Franks, I.M. (2004). Notational Analysis of Sport 2nd Edition – Better systems for improving coaching and performance. London: Routledge. ISBN: 978-0-415-29005-0 (320 pages)

Hughes, M.D. and Franks, I.M. (1997). Notational Analysis of Sport. London: Routledge. ISBN: 1 419 18010 9 (216 pages).

Lees, A., Maynard, I., Hughes, M. and Reilly, T. (eds) (1998). Science and Racket Sports II. London: E. & F.N. Spon.

Reilly, T., Bangsbo, J. and Hughes, M. (eds) (1997). Science and Football III. London: E. & F.N. Spon. ISBN: 0 419 22160 3 (339 pages).

Reilly, T., Hughes, M. and Lees, A. (eds) (1993). Science & Racket Sports I. London: E. & F. N. Spon.